Synthol in Bodybuilding

Synthol in Bodybuilding

In the 90s of the last century the German scientist Chris Clark achieved a sensational invention in the world of bodybuilding. He developed the drug, the full composition of which is kept up to date in the trade secret, that can locally increase the muscle hypertrophy greatly increasing the muscle size. This invention was immediately 'made operational' by a number of athletes participating in international competitions and contests. The drug is still very popular among bodybuilding enthusiasts and among professional heavy-weight athletes.

Despite the high confidentiality of the original composition of Synthol, according to some reports, it includes the basic components:

98.5% - triglycerides of C-8, C-10 and C-12 fatty acids;

1.5% - benzyl alcohol.

The impact of the drug and its use in bodybuilding.

The mechanism of action of Synthol is built on the ability of the drug to mechanicaly extend muscle fascia a kind of gaps between muscle fibers, and then fill the voids with growing muscle cells. As a result of this process there is a substantial increase in the amount of muscle due to hypertrophy (increased muscle volume) and a hyperplasia (increased number of cells) of muscle fibers.

The drug is often used for small muscles to achieve the growth of which is not so easy. Even with ideal nutrition and training programme desired for bulking every athlete has got special muscles that have a genetically lower ability to hypertrophy and even under the most intensive training are slightly increased in size. As a result the athlete's body may look inharmonious what is absolutely not advisable for active competing bodybuilders. In such cases such a drug as Syntol comes to the rescue the consequences of the administration of which are often not presented in a best-case scenario. So what this miracle drug actually is?

Syntol: consequences of incorrect administration

If desired one can find on the web a lot of photos and video dedicated to this popular not anabolic drug. It should be noted that it often does not represented at best pointing to the case of some abuse or illiterate administration of it by athletes even of a very high level. Often they pay attention to a terrible strain of the muscles of well-known bodybuilding personalities as Gregg Valentino with his monstrously swollen biceps and triceps, Klaus Doring who was trying to achieve a similar result and overdone and many other negative examples (Klaus KAAK, Ali Hahn, Harry BLEs and others).

However, often these imbalances were achieved by using syntol of unknown and unscrupulous manufacturers and overdose of heavy anabolic steroids (or a combination of these two factors). The results of just such excessive impacts are visible to the naked eye on the many horrific images on the Internet.

Usually athletes admit by themselves that their ugliness has nothing to do with the original synthol but society continues to throw mud on Chris Clark accusing him of all serious consequences that he has nothing to do with.

Therefore, the existing opinion about the dangers and risks incurred by the original Synthol in bodybuilding are clearly exaggerated. Conversely, as compared with such a powerful means to increase muscle mass as anabolic androgenic steroids, growth hormone, insulin and similar heavy drugs this oil does not produce the complex biochemical reactions in a body.

In contrast, Synthol does not lead to serious consequences such as diabetes, gynecomastia, testicular atrophy and others. In addition, the drug also has no negative effects on the male hormonal system and does not cause its dysfunction. That's why when used properly and not abused Synthol is the solution of natural origin absolutely safe for health.

The administration features of Synthol

Depending upon the usage area (arms, legs, back and etc..), the injection of the drug will have its own nuances that should be definitely minded when using Synthol in bodybuilding. But there are basic rules that must be followed applying it in pharmacological practice:

At each subsequent injection puncture site needs to be changed since the injection of the drug in the same point can lead to uneven distribution of the oil in the muscle and cause to its disproportionate increase.

After the injection the injection site should be warmed using active grinding, hot baths or showers and so on. Experienced athletes often perform injection immediately before active training of the desired muscle group. In this case intense pumping warms up the muscle and the drug will distribute more evenly between its fibers.

To reduce discomfort during injection it is recommended to inject the fluid very slowly and carefully. Then the oil will flow into the muscle fascia gradually and will not cause any adverse reactions.

With the same purpose it is desirable to use a thin needle of small diameter for the Synthol injection.

The amount of drug for each injection and frequency of injections is selected individually for each athlete starting from its initial physical characteristics, as well as minding the goal which he intends to achieve. But the best is to use Synthol for 1-2 months. Usually they start with a small amount - 1 ml in each bundle of certain muscles. In the absence of any negative reactions and a stable muscle growth after 10 days of the administration, the dosage may be increased to 2 ml for each injection. If well tolerated and for most pronounced effect 3 mL of Synthol for each injection is maximally used.

Synthol: reviews of the experienced athletes

You can find a lot of conflicting opinions on the web about  the feasibility and efficacy of such drug as Synthol in bodybuilding.

With regular use of the drug athletes celebrate a gradual decrease of some discomfort when injected. Esthesia directly during injection and immediately after it is much less unpleasant than after intramuscular injection of certain steroids or growth hormone.

The high efficiency of the drug can be judged based on the numerous positive reviews about it on the pages of professional sports online forums. It is also not without significance that Synthol is used by the athlets of highest level with the participation in various international competitions in bodybuilding including the famous tournament "Mr. Olympia".