Why bodybuilders keep silent about using synthol?

Why bodybuilders keep silent about using synthol?
All heavyweight bodybuilders and half of the 212 category  use synthol and this is not sensational news, not a marketspeak, but a fact for those who are a little familiar with the backstage of competitive bodybuilding.
Athletes don’t tell their fans about this at seminars and prefer not to raise this topic in their social network accounts, because during a market economy, when every athlete chases after media to find a larger sponsor, sign a phat contract and earn more solid money - Nobody wants to take the brunt and try to tell people by their own example that synthol in bodybuilding is the same given as pharmacology or a high-calorie diet on bulking.
In fact, as far back as 2011, a similar situation was with pharmacology. 120 kg guys were literally afraid to talk about it out loud and completely denied its use, and newcomers went to the gym for years to no avail and firmly believed that one could become like Jay Cutler eating grandmother’s cottage cheese, eggs and milk. Now information about steroids is publicly available, people are not afraid to talk about it and share practical knowledge, and the general attitude towards pharmacology has become more loyal. I bet that this will happen with synthol in just a few years, people just need a little more time to get used to it and understand. In the meantime, those who are in the subject remain in the subject and win, and those who are not in the subject do not take prizes even in city competitions.
And why did such a negative attitude towards synthol take shape in society? The roots of the problems grow from those videos that have been surfing the Internet for decades. Synth monsters / victims of synthol / bodybuilding freaks and all that jazz, we all saw them more than once and we all could not understand what was wrong with these guys and why they did it to themselves. The fact is that all up to one of these guys used no synthol at all, but palm olia or another mixture of technical oils that are not at all intended for these purposes and they are not victims of synthol at all, but rather of their own stupidity.
A distinctive feature of those who use synthol and wins from those who administer an incomprehensible mixture of oils is in just two things:
01. In the product. Use only the original Synthosizze from Chris Clark - it is a patented and certified drug that stretches the muscle fascia. At the same time, the muscle fiber is not damaged and is excreted within a few months, after which the process of growth of new muscle fibers will go more actively due to which it will be possible to locally increase the required muscle group.
02. How to put it mildly ... Stupid person or not. You can burn yourself with matches, choke in the bathroom or cut off your finger with a kitchen knife to prevent this from happening, at least you need to be able to correctly apply what is in your hands. And in the right hands synthol is a tool that can make a champion out of an ordinary bodybuilder.
Is it beautiful or not beautiful? This is bodybuilding, baby! 70% of the ordinary people believe that bodybuilding is ugly by definition while they have a turkey neck and a belly from under which their own balls are not visible. So it’s hardly worth paying attention to what someone likes or dislikes. We live our life and pump our body as sculptors sculpt the perfect figure, step by step, piece by piece removing weaknesses in order to become the first!