What, in fact, freaks administer themselves?

What, in fact, freaks administer themselves?
I would like to once again raise a topic that has repeatedly been raised in the world of bodybuilding. The guy you see on the cover of this article has nothing to do with that real, original synthol from Chris Clark, which can be purchased under the Synthosizze brand. But, unfortunately, rather persistent, negative and incorrect errors about synthol has formed in society.
The first of the misconceptions is that any oil which freaks indiscriminately administer in the likeness of Greg Valentino is called synthol. As a rule, they use a mixture of palm olia and other oils for technical purposes, which are bottled in jars labeled “synthol” in order to raise money from incompetent but ambitious bodybuilders posing as their dirty underground for a quality world-famous product.
The main problem of the underground is that the structural formula of this oil has nothing to do with the original synthol. Which in laboratory conditions is designed so as to gently and carefully stretch the muscle fascia and within a few months is completely removed from the body. Leaving muscle fibers a place for further, unhindered growth and progress. The underground does not stretch anything, it simply fills the muscles, simultaneously causing internal processes of irritation due to the lack of sterility and remains there forever, which can be seen on all these photos on the Internet at the request of “synthol”, which scare children. The underground creates a huge amount of scar tissue, which lies between muscle fibers in clots, this is a natural reaction of the body, it is as if trying to fence itself off from foreign substances, and creates a collagen film around the injected oil of unknown origin.
As you now probably understand - to shout "What is the difference, actually?" is a little stupid. And all those who lifted their nose high and did not delve into the issue in absentia relate to the original synthol with biased negativity, leaving seemingly witty, but painfully banal comments about “Escobar's Theorem” - people are not very big minds, but very big conceit.
The original synthol produced under the Synthosizze brand is the same equivalent and integral tool of modern bodybuilding like testosterone, insulin, growth hormone and even useless sports nutrition. Each of them has its own time and place, and each of them can both do harm to themselves and make themselves better. It all depends on your expertise in bodybuilding. This synthol does not create scar tissue, it gently stretches the muscle fascia, ensuring further growth of muscle tissue, and then gradually disappears without a trace processing muscles as fatty acids. Therefore, many thanks for finding patience and reading up to this point, be inquisitive in everything that relates to your health and progress. Buy only a quality product. Wishing you all anabolism, friends!