Be sure to read this if you plan to use synthol:

Be sure to read this if you plan to use synthol:
Until about the mid-90s, a drug such as escycline was in widespread use among professional bodybuilders to temporarily increase genetically weak muscle groups. It was administered massively locally intramuscularly, approximately 10 days before the tournament. Exclusively in small muscle groups, which became inflamed, and due to inflammation increased in volume. I must say that the drug gave an excellent visual effect. But it has effect for a a week maximum and often provoked extremely unpleasant side effects, such as terrible pains in the affected muscle and severe cramping.
That's when the genius of bodybuilding Chris Clark came to the aid of the unfortunate musclemen. He is the inventor of this original synthol, the formula of which he keeps in the strictest secrecy, which bears the commercial name Synthosizze. In addition to the secret formula, Synthosizze consists of the following components:
• 85% - fatty acids (almost identical to natural MCT fats);
• 7,5% - ledokain (analgesic);
• 7.5% - benzyl alcohol (solvent).
It was the legendary Synthosizze that became a real breakthrough in bodybuilding. In fact, the real synthol is used once or twice a day in life. And its direct purpose is in no way cosmetic. It often happens that muscle fibers that are too tightly packed together do not want to respond to the load with growth and hypertrophy. A person uses the most advanced training techniques and combinations of hormonal drugs, but one or two stubborn muscle groups still do not want to respond with gratitude. Especially noticeable are these holes in the composition of the athlete’s body that become noticeable when all the other meat swells perfectly.
And here comes the time of His Majesty Synthol. After administration intramuscularly, the oil is evenly distributed in the muscle fascia, stretching it and increasing the affected muscle group in volume. Naturally, all this happens against the background of taking anabolic steroids and other hormonal drugs. Then synthol begins to slowly leave the body.
The most interesting thing is that as synthol is removed, these very gaps between the main muscle fibers that are stretched by it do not decrease back. They are simply filled with new muscle fibers, muscle cell division occurs, against the background of stretched muscle fascia. With the competent use of synthol, against the background of an equally competently composed steroid cycle, in just one course you can achieve an increase in small muscle groups by 3 - 6 centimeters! Naturally, the more professional the approach, the more pronounced is the final result.
This is how things really are. And whoever claims that approximately 95% of the pros resort to the help of Synthosizze. Yes - yes, even the Gods of bodybuilding have stubborn muscle groups. As a rule, one - two. An approximate scheme:
• The first 10 days - 1 ml. of the drug in the selected muscle group (every day);
• The next 10 days - 2 ml. similarly;
• Next days - 3 ml daily as long as the muscle continues to increase in size;
• Further - two injections per week, 1 ml each for about a month;
• After the cycle you should take a break for four months and, if necessary, after the break, the cycle can be repeated.
But usually one such cycle is more than enough. It’s good to use a cycle that is considered the most suitable. A very important factor is the presence of growth hormone in this mixture. But this is already at will, as for me - steroids alone will be enough.
Remember, friends, synthol injections must be very deep, otherwise you risk inflating the subcutaneous bladder. After the injection, the injection site should be massaged strongly and for a long time. In training use mainly pumping schemes with low weight, with the aim of pumping blood into the muscle as much as possible and stretching the fascia as much as possible, this is the meaning of training with synthol. Also, when pumping with synthol, do not forget that synthol is a fatty acid that can burn out from overly long work in the gym.