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Synthol is a complex formulation comprising a mixture of oils (Neutral Lipid After DAB 10 = 98.5%) and the analgesic components (Alcohol Benzylicum = 1,5%). Synthol - is not an androgen, without steroids or other prohibited substances for use.
Chris Clark recommends the administration as follows: for an athlete weighing up to 100 kg - every 5 days in a volume of 3 ml in every single muscle group. I.e. if you decide to expand your deltoids the drug is administered once in 5 days in the amount of 3 ml in the middle part of the right deltoid, 3 ml - into the left deltoid, etc. Given the size of deltoid it is recommended to administer in each head (front, medial, rear) by the scheme within four days on the fifth. The same scheme is suitable for the upper part of the pectorals, biceps, triceps, calves. The rest of the muscle groups - quads, hamstrings, back according to the ambitious plans.
With respect to the athlete of muscle mass over 100 kg it is necessary to increase the frequency of drug administration (up to 2 times per week for each muscle group) without increasing the amount of drug administered over time, i.e. 3 ml is a single administration.
You can find the following dosage regimen on the web:
Use by intramuscular injection to a depth of 2.5 cm into the selected muscle. Course begins for twenty days with a dosage of 1 ml, then dosage is increased up to 2 ml for 10 days followed by 3 ml if the growth is seen. Then another month of 1 ml per day and month of 1 ml twice per day. And another 30 days of 1 ml per week. This is a complete course which resulted in the permanent effect. After 4 months it is needed to secure the effect and repeat the course which can lead to even a small dosages.
We asked Chris what he thinks about this scheme.
"Indeed, in the 90s some bodybuilders trying to find the most effective dosage regimen administered the drug with such frequency and in such dosages. In the early 2000s there was a scheme in which a dosage of a single administration was increased by 1 ml up to the maximum of its value of 5 ml. But I am categorically against the single administration of the drug in the amount of more than 5 ml.
I've expressed above my opinion and my recommendations. Although I think that this know-how should be keep in a secret. But my Russian friends have persuaded me to share a secret and I could not refuse them. So now you have a secret weapon that will lift you up to the top of Olympus (or Olympia)))" (laughs - author's note).
The best time to administer - within 2 hours after training of the muscle group. If the day of administration is a rest day ensure a minimum load on a given muscle group to enhance blood flow and occupancy of a given muscle group.
Chris Clark: "You have to make sure that the needle does not hurt blood vessels. In this regard just pull back the plunger of the syringe before the start of drug administration. The blood must not flow in the syringe. Generally, I'm fed up with all this bullshit about getting into the bloodstream. I know many professionals who use sustanon and other drugs on the basis of oil locally and neither one of them was on the hospital bed. But as it comes to using Synthol then miracles begin. There are photos on the Internet articles obscure bloggers who have seen a dumbbell from afar. Therefore, what previously described (pulling back of the plunger) - this is really the best way to make sure that everything is OK. I would recommend to read my article "Syntol. Myths and Reality ".
It is optimal to use the localization scheme. Such schemes are universal to local injection of any drug. As for features it is recommended to change the needle angle every time to ensure optimum distribution of the drug within a given muscle group.
Synthol is not an androgen and does not contain steroids and other banned drugs. The ingredients are completely safe for health. Synthol causes no side effects..
The administration of synthol is possible since the completion of formation of the skeleton. Before this a continuing formation of the body can lead to a disproportionate distribution of the drug.
Synthol is a synthetic oil which is locally injected directly into the muscle. The oil penetrates into the gaps between the muscle fibers (like "soaking" it), where it remains thereby causing increase in the desired muscle group. About 30% of the drug is cleaved by enzymes of the body and excreted in metabolism as a normal fat which acts as a quick-burning fuel for the muscles (there is no fat what is proved by clinical trials of using the drug during preparation for competitions including the finish line (on the day of event)). The remaining 70% is kept in the muscles for 3-5 years gradually breaking up into elementary fragments of the fat utilized by liver.
Synthol is compatible with any other taken drugs and nutritional supplements.
The oil Injected into a muscle is kept for 3-5 years gradually breaking up into elementary fragments of the fat utilized by liver. Some athletes have visible persistant effect for 5-8 years.
Despite the denial of professionals the fact of using Synthol many prominent athletes have resorted to the use of the drug in the preparation stage. Muscle quality is not worsen at all. On the contrary Synthol gives a proportional and correct flaws that can not be adjusted by a training and nutrition program (because of the personal genetic characteristics of an athlete).
The drug is under a vacuum lid that ensures its safety. There are no special recommendations for storage of Synthol. With regards to the expiry date this period is a record 10 years than no one of the available drugs in the arsenal of bodybuilding have.
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